​Aloha Friends,

Working together over the last 11 years, we have achieved extraordinary results for our community with over $1 billion committed to improve roads, schools, and hospitals in West Hawaii, including:

$90 million to begin building and ultimately complete a Kona Judiciary Complex, which will house 230 full-time employees and make our local justice system safer and efficient,

Over $20 million to build the new West Hawaii Community College Campus at Palamanui, which will allow our students to pursue higher education at home and serve as an important educational resource for our entire community,

Over $150 million to expand Queen Kaahumanu Highway and other critical roads in the region, meant to decrease fatal, tragic accidents and long waits on the road,

AND over $75 million annually from the Hospital Sustainability Act which we created together, to strengthen all of Hawaii’s hospitals, including Kona Community Hospital, Kau Hospital, and North Hawaii Community Hospital (now partnered with Queens Hospital, bringing more specialists to our Island).

At your urging I have sponsored important new laws to care for Hawaii's children, such as the 2015 mandates for insurance to cover AUTISM and surgery for children with cleft palate. No state is more compassionate in its commitment to children's health needs now, and in 2014 we were named the healthiest state in the nation. As health chairman all of these many years, this particular designation made me very proud of the work we have done together.

We have fought side by side against powerful special interests to protect our environment and I've supported renewable energy at every turn possible.

All of these new projects and initiatives will create jobs, stimulate our economy, build our community and protect those who need us most to advocate for them for years to come.

I am positive we will keep working together to achieve even greater results in the coming years, to make all of Hawaii an even better place to live. Of course there is always more work to do.

On a personal note, I am honored to continue to practice medicine in our community and it never fails to amaze me how resilient and strong the people of Hawaii are. My family continues to grow, Maia and Sam are doing great in school, both are wonderful characters, kind and intelligent. Jaime and I are approaching our anniversary and it is only because of her support and your kindness that I am afforded this extraordinary opportunity to serve as both a Senator and a physician in Hawaii.

In the coming years I plan to work to improve opportunities for all of the people in Hawaii. We need better employment options to help keep our children in Hawaii. Housing must become more affordable and we have to finally address the crises of homelessness and drug addiction, problems that have plagued our nation for generations.

Thank you for all of your personal notes, letters and words of encouragement over these years. As ever I hope to continue to hear your best ideas on how to make our state a more extraordinary place to live. It's only paradise if we make it so.

Most warmly,

"The courage to do the right thing is all that matters."

Senator, District 3, Kona, Ka'u

Chairman of the Human Services Committee

Senator Josh Green, MD

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P.O. Box 940 Kapaau, HI  96755

Senator Josh Green

Working Hard For You