and will continue this fight in the legislature,the emergency room, and in our communities.  

Senator Josh Green

Senator - District 3- Kona, Kau

Chairman of the Human Services Committee

Below you'll find links to television specials from PBS and BBC, two of the most recent examples of the national and international media covering our homeless epidemic. The nation and the world have taken notice of our struggles and our steadfast efforts to combat them. With their eyes upon us, I am confident that not only can we succeed, but we can also set a shining 

No other issue is currently as pressing in Hawaii as homelessness. Here, we have the highest rate of homelessness per capita in the nation with 505 out of every 100,000 residents without housing: a total of about 8,000 people. Here, we have the highest life expectancy in the country, yet the average life expectancy of our homeless individuals is 51. People afflicted with mental illness and addiction suffer on our streets. Families with children live in tent cities under constant threat of upheaval. Unsafe and unsanitary conditions lead to health complications that put over a billion dollar strain on our already limited Medicaid resources. This is a public health crisis. This is a humanitarian crisis. This is an economic crisis.  

Compassionately and effectively tackling the moral, economic, and societal issues that all must be addressed to solve our states homelessness crisis will require innovation, collaboration, and, above all else, determination.  As a doctor and as a senator, know that I will continue to seek out new ideas and approaches, 

New Leadership, Hawaii Values

The Crisis of Our Time: Homelessness in Hawaii

A Message from Senator Green

example for other communities struggling with homelessness. We will continue to tirelessly move forward together with innovation, collaboration, compassion, and, of course, with aloha. We will not rest until we have seen tangible, positive change. 

Fighting for Hawaii families